State Funding of
K-12 Education
A Panel Discussion with Candidates for the
California 19th Assembly District




Questions from the Public

Meeting Agenda

  • a brief introduction by moderator John Moseley, El Granada PTA.
  • opening statements by each candidate (2 minutes each).
  • 6 or 7 questions read by Mr. Moseley.
  • if time permits, we will ask questions submitted by the audience.
  • closing statements by candidates (3 minutes each)

First Question:

As a fraction of personal income, California ranks 45th among states in its funding of public education. Do you believe that we fund education adequately? If not, how would you address the problem in the Assembly?

Last question:

If elected, what education related legislation will you sponsor?

Additional questions:

The Legislative Analyst has proposed consolidating 51 categorical funding programs into 5 block grants, dramatically reducing the administrative burden on local districts. Do you favor this change? Would you sponsor its implementing legislation?

There is a significant funding disparity among districts in the 19th AD. This is a result of many factors including state funding formulas, parcel taxes and voluntary contributions. Is this a problem that you would address and, if so, how?

For various reasons, some state mandated programs are under funded or suspended, creating budgetary crises for local districts. Do you see this as a serious problem and if so, what will you do to help alleviate it?

To allow districts to engage in responsible long range planning, predictable sources of income are required. For example, our local district is facing a $1.5 Million budgetary shortfall this year, and last year our budget was cut mid-year by $600,000. What would you propose to enhance multi-year funding predictability?

Currently, local districts may only use a parcel tax as a means to raise additional local funding. But this may contribute to a disparity among districts and is a regressive tax. Would you support lowering the parcel tax threshold, perhaps to 55%, the threshold for school bonds? Would you propose any other local funding mechanism?

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Last Edit September 7, 2002